Director of Photography David Brower

David has the diversity of skills and the ability of a chameleon to adapt visual styles to story needs. A photographer from the age of fifteen, he shot miles of film, one frame at a time, before he ever touched a movie camera. David was drawn to film through intense interests in many art forms, and the idea that only film brings them all together so immediately, so intimately and so well. Moody, emotional, atmospheric and uplifting images are the hallmarks of the Brower style. To merge art and technology, film or digital, in a way that evokes a response is his stock in trade. Laughter, tears, fear or longing, David brings your story to life in moving images.

Areas of Expertise

  • Film
  • Digital Cinema
  • Commercials
  • Motion Pictures
  • Documentaries

Selected Work

Film Credits

  • "Paranormalice" Feature Anthology, Five Directors. Best Cinematography, FANtastic Horror Film Festival, San Diego
  • "Clubhouse" Feature, Yuri Shapochka. With Tim Abell, Leslie Easterbrook and Christopher Murray. Award of Excellence CANADA Film Festival. Opening Film, Best Feature and Audience Award, Intendence Film Festival, Denver. Nominee, Cinematography, Utah Film Awards
  • "Lifted" Feature for Academy Award nominated Lexi Alexander. With Dash Mihok, Nicki Aycox and Uriah Shelton
  • "The Saints of Mount Christopher" Shane Dean. With Tom Sizemore, Clifton Powell and Russ Blackwell. Shane Dean.
  • "Half Pint" 5 min. 2017 Katie Rogers
  • "Supper" 15 min. 2016 Yuri Shapochka Best Cinematography, Mountain of Laughs Comedy Festival
  • "Evil Within" 6 min. 2016 Joshua Choran. Semi-finalist Los Angeles CineFest
  • "These Foolish Things" Austin Haley. Best Short Film, Mississippi International Film Festival. Award of Merit, The Indy Fest, La Jolla, CA.
  • "The Little Theater" 12 min. Yuri Shapochka
  • "Transfers" 15 min. Chuck Hartsell
  • "Caroline Somebody" 10 min. Renee Williams
  • "Six Blocks Wide" 10 min. Yuri Shapochka. Finalist at A Film for Peace Festival in Italy
  • "High Expectations" 15 min. Yuri Shapochka. Best Dark Comedy, New York Film Fest, Sold at Cannes Market
  • "Waiting" 15 min. Yuri Shapochka . Platinum Remi, Houston WorldFest. Sold at Cannes Market
  • "Who Killed Tangerine" 20 min. Brent Davis. ACE Award for Cinematography, Sidewalk Film Festival
  • "Sewing a River" 12 min. Alan Hunter. SideWrite Production Prize, Sidewalk Film Festival
  • "12 Miles to Einstein" 6 min. 48 hour Scramble. Director and DP. “One of the seven films to see at the 7th Sidewalk Film Festival”, Daniel Wallace, Author, Big Fish
  • "Postmark: Katrina", 60 min. Storm Stories, 1 and 2 year anniversaries - The Weather Channel
  • "Earth 2 America", HBO - 2 min. show open with Larry David
  • "Take A Walk In My Shoes" Allison DeCamillis , Documentary Short
  • "Truth or Consequences", “Return to Sender” and “Delivering Justice” Les Rayburn. USPIS Anti-Fraud ‘cop shows’ in the style of CSI for US Postal Inspection Service.
  • Grip on "The Blues Brothers" 1980 John Landis


I secretly call David a "Zen Master." His cool, calm demeanor earns him the "zen," but his brilliant mind and eye for lighting and composition earn him "master." He's been at his craft a long time, which gives him the priceless asset of experience, but his enthusiasm and passion for filmmaking is still fresh, fun, and contagious. He puts his all into what he does, is a solution-seeker, and keeps his sense of humor -- a must on set. All and all, David rocks as a person and as a professional, and he is simply awesome to work with!

Katie Rogers
Director / Half Pint, Carless / Los Angeles

David Brower is the most gifted DP that I know. I have worked with him on various commercial and film projects, and he never fails to deliver images that far exceed anything that I could have ever imagined. Being on a shoot can sometimes be very stressful, but David's experience and even temperament serve as a compass for the entire crew. His commitment to a project makes him a invaluable member of any team, and I am proud to call him a friend and mentor.

Bobby Curnutt
Producer / These Foolish Things / IndyFest Award Winner

You're awesome, DB... a Master Craftsman, full of boundless energy and kindness... Truly a wonderful experience!

Christopher Murray
Actor / Los Angeles

David Brower is a consummate professional who brings years of experience to each of his projects. In fact, just having David on set is comforting. He has a master's eye for capturing beauty and is calm, cool, and collected while solving inevitable production challenges. He has a way of bringing out the best in his crew and ultimately the project as a whole. Every project I have worked on with David has been a better experience because he was on it.

Robert Rugan
Director / Los Angeles / New York

I can tell you that David is a great shooter -- his knowledge, creativity, and professionalism make him an asset to any production. But you should really check out his work -- if a picture is worth a thousand words, one of David's movies is worth a million.

Chance Shirley
Writer / Director / "Interplanetary"

David Brower is the go-to DP when there's no room for error. He possesses a vast knowledge of his craft and also consistently delivers gorgeous photography. But what sets David apart is attitude. For the past five years, David Brower has collaborated with me on both commercial projects and documentaries. There is no dearth of qualified DPs where I reside in California. I work with David not only because of his extraordinary talent and experience, but also because he always brings the highest degree of professionalism to any shoot.

Celia Carey
Emmy-Winning Director / Producer / San Francisco

David is a treat. He's got a great eye, creates wonderful visuals, and isn't too proud to do what's necessary in any situation. One of the great guys roaming this earth. We've worked together for years on numerous projects and he's someone I'm always happy to call on.

Jeff Lester
Director / CEO / Big Picture Studios / Las Vegas

David Brower is my favorite cinematographer. It's always a great pleasure to work with him and to learn from his wisdom. Stunning imagery of David's work, brilliant ideas, extraordinary attention to all the details, pleasant personality make him a huge asset to any creative project. In my experience David has earned remarkable respect and admiration from everybody who worked with him on the set.

Yuri Shapochka
Writer / Director / Shape Films

In the best of situations, the Director and Cinematographer work in collaboration, bringing together their unique ideas to determine and then create the visual feel of a project. This is exactly what I experienced working with David on my film, "Transfers." Beyond his technical skill and level of experience, David brings with him a wealth of creativity and a deep understanding of visual storytelling. I cannot overstate what a pleasure it was working with him.

Chuck Hartsell
Director / "Hide and Creep" / "Transfers"

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